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Each + Every began in 2017 with a simple mission: To enable Each + Every person to feel good about the products they use on their body. Without compromise.

As two women working in the beauty industry, we were frustrated by the lack of high-quality natural deodorant options. So we set out to create a deodorant made exclusively from simple ingredients that truly work. We tapped in to world-class science, research, and ingredient sourcing to develop a quality product with nothing to hide. We threw out ingredients traditionally used to make deodorants and hand-selected Each + Every one based on its trusted properties and ability to deliver odor protection.

The result is Each + Every, a worry-free deodorant that lives up to its promise.

-Lauren and Mikah

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"I knew we had a breakthrough when I made it through extreme cardio, mowing my lawn, and washing my car while still smelling fresh!"
- Mikah, co-founder and Each + Every's toughest critic

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