Each + Every Deodorant

Each + Every ingredient in our product is hand-selected for its trusted properties and its ability to deliver effective odor protection. The result is a deodorant that is free of aluminum, of parabens, and full of simple, worry-free ingredients.


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What Makes Us Different

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Curated Ingredients That Work

We carefully select high quality ingredients with a proven track record, creating a deodorant that finally lives up to your expectations.

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Essential Oil Fragrance

No hiding behind undisclosed fragrance ingredients here! Our scents are made of simple essential oils that we fully disclose, so you know exactly what you're putting on your body. And they smell amazing, too!

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Nothing to Hide

We're radically transparent. From disclosing our ingredients to sharing their purpose, we're baring it all. With a product like this, we've got nothing to hide. So go ahead, ask us anything!

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